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Departure from most major USA airports, for no extra cost!

Why EZ Hajj Groups?

Putting our passion over profits. Our company believes in offering exceptional service at an affordable cost. More so, our 2020 Hajj packages are tailored for your needs, We understand Hajj & Umrah is becoming increasingly expensive, which is why we have eliminated the middle-men and passed the savings, on to you. Above all, our company offers the cheapest Hajj packages in the 2020 USA, Hajj Market.

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Why EZ Hajj Groups for your Hajj 2020 Package? 



Affordable Hajj 2020 Packages 


EZ Hajj Groups is proud to announce our value-driven 2020 Hajj Packages to our USA clients. With over 20 years of experience and 20,000 Hajji's served, it's our great pleasure to serve you. EZ Hajj Groups is able to create the best Hajj experience for you within your budget. With a team of highly trained travel experts combined with exclusive pricing and special promotions, EZ Hajj Groups, offers an opportunity to experience the best services, personal attention and budget-friendly pilgrimage of a lifetime.



A Licensed Hajj Company 


EZ Hajj Groups is a licensed Hajj company with the Hajj Ministry and the Saudi Arabian embassy. Furthermore, we are a licensed travel agency with IATA. Our company operates on the upmost ethical and business practices to ensure our client's Hajj & Umrah needs are met. 


Best 2020 Hajj Packages from the USA 


When creating our Hajj 2020 Packages, it was our goal to set out the services our customers truly needed for an affordable cost. To ensure, their Hajj rituals and religious needs were met, they enjoyed their time in Saudi Arabia and overall making their trip a Journey of a Lifetime. So, we did just that. It's our pleasure to announce our 2020 Hajj Packages, in three simple and versatile packages for any Hajji needs; Economy Hajj Package, 5 Star Hajj Package, and VIP Hajj Package

Each one of our packages is broken down to meet your budget and accommodation needs both in Makkah & Madinah and Manasik. Offering you the flexibility to choose the best Hajj package to meet your needs. Moreover, we allow departure for all our Hajj Packages from major US cities such as New York, Houston, Chicago, Orlando, Dallas, and Los Angeles, for no extra cost. 


No Azizyah or Shifting Hajj Packages 


In shifting Hajj packages, the hajjis are always moving from one apartment to another providing residence away from Haram during the top days of Hajj and then bringing them close to Haram once Hajj days are over. In Non-Shifting Packages, pilgrims are always kept at a single location in Makkah and Madinah. During Hajj, you don't need the extra headache of moving from a hotel to a low standard Azizyah apartment building. We are one of the few USA Hajj companies to offer only hotels in all of our 2020 Hajj Packages.


Educated Group Leaders & Scholars 


You will have a Muslim scholar to guide and assist you on your travels along with complimentary Hajj webinars, ihram for men and prayer clothes for women. We provide these webinars before you attend your Hajj journey and several more will be provided during your Hajj journey in Makkah and Madinah. Likewise, you will be accompanied by expert staff and group leaders who will assist you with your needs during your trip.