Hajj Packages

Affordable Hajj 2020 Packages 

Every year hundreds of Muslims embark on the holy pilgrimage of Hajj with EZ Hajj Groups. EZ Hajj Groups offers the most affordable and versatile services. Cheap Hajj Packages are available without any issues and a hassle-free guarantee. 

When creating our Hajj 2020 Packages, it was our goal to set out the services our customers truly needed for an affordable cost. To ensure, their Hajj rituals and religious needs were met, they enjoyed their time in Saudi Arabia and overall making their trip a Journey of a Lifetime. So, we did just that. It's our pleasure to announce our 2020 Hajj Packages, in three simple and versatile packages for any Hajji needs.

Each one of our packages is broken down to meet your budget and accommodation needs both in Makkah & Madinah and Manasik. Offering you the flexibility to choose the best Hajj package to meet your needs. Moreover, we allow departure for all our Hajj Packages from major US cities such as New York, Houston, Chicago, Orlando, Dallas, and Los Angeles, for no extra cost.

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